Planning application approved to allow for medium rise apartments at 11960 26 Avenue SW

Rezoning Map 11926 26 Avenue SW

City Council approved a planning application at the public hearing on July 10, 2017, to rezone a 1.32 ha lot at 11960 26 Avenue SW to allow for medium rise apartments. The application proposed rezoning the area from a Low Rise Apartment Zone (RA7) to a Medium Rise Apartment Zone (RA8).

Key changes:

Zoning Regulation Existing RA7 Zone Proposed RA8 Zone
Maximum no. of units allowed per hectare 125 224
Maximum no. of units allowed on the site* 165 295
Maximum height allowed (meters) 16 metres or approximately 4 storeys 23 metres or approximately 6 storeys

*Considering overall gross site area

Associated Amendment Applications

Associated applications included amendments to the Heritage Valley Servicing Concept Design Brief and the Heritage Valley Town Centre Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan.

The amendments were needed to facilitate the rezoning, and change the land use statistics and land use concept map to reflect the change in zoning. No changes were proposed to the plan policies or objectives.

City Council Public Hearing Date: July 10, 2017

City Council Approval Date​: July 10, 2017

Reference File Number: LDA17-0148