The Griesbach neighbourhood

Proposed text amendments to development regulations in the Griesbach Special Area Zones.

A planning application has been received to amend development regulations to Section 940 - Greisbach Special Area Zones in the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw.

About The Application

Amendments have been proposed to the following sections:

The proposed text amendments to these zones are intended to increase the maximum site coverage for developments in order to provide additional construction flexibility for various building types.

Site coverage, as governed by the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw, is the maximum permitted building area footprint(s) allowed to be developed for low-density residential lots. The site coverage for buildings is represented by a maximum percentage of the site’s area typically categorized by building type (principal buildings vs accessory buildings, that is, single house vs detached garage), and the total cumulative site coverage for all buildings on a property.

A summary of the proposed text amendments includes:

  • Providing a breakdown of the maximum site coverage by building types (principal buildings, accessory buildings)
  • Overall increases to maximum site coverages per site and per building type; and 
  • To maintain, but clarify the allowable 2% increase to site coverage when single-storey unenclosed front porches are proposed

While these proposed changes will only amend the regulations of properties currently zoned GLD, RF5g or GLG, it should be noted that properties within the Griesbach Special Area may be rezoned to one of the three affected zones in the future.