Planning applications received by the City in the Glastonbury neighbourhood.


A portion of 2010 Guardian Road NW

planning application (map) has been received for a portion of a property at 2010 Guardian Road NW.

The application proposes to rezone the property from the Row Housing Zone (RF5) to the Medium-Rise Apartment Zone (RA8).

The purpose of the rezoning to Medium Rise Apartment Zone (RA8) is to allow for the development of multi-unit housing (apartment housing up to 6 storeys, approximately 23 metres) with one level of underground parking.

The balance of the site is currently developing with semi-detached dwellings under the existing Row Housing Zone (RF5). The applicant's intent for rezoning the southern portion of the property (as shown on the map) is to provide a variety of housing types.

The Glastonbury Neighbourhood Structure Plan designates the site for medium-density residential uses. An  amendment to the plan to redesignate the rezoning area to medium/high-density residential uses accompanies the rezoning application.

Council Public Hearing Date: To be determined

Reference File Number: LDA22-0202

Planner: Email Carla Semeniuk or call 780-496-1582 for more information


1425 Goodspeed Lane NW

A planning application (map) has been received for a property at 1425 Goodspeed Lane NW.
The application proposes to rezone the site from Agricultural Zone (AG) to Residential Low-Density Zone (RLD) and Public Utility Zone (PU). The proposed RLD zone allows for a variety of low-density housing types. The PU zone will allow for a waterline pipeline easement and pedestrian connections.

City Council Approval Date: May 26, 2020

Bylaw Number: 19286

Reference File Number: LDA20-0044

Planner: Email Vivian Gamache or call 780-944-0122 for more information.