Planning applications received by the City in the Garneau neighbourhood.

There are no active planning applications in the Garneau neighbourhood.

Approved Garneau Planning Applications

11024 82 Avenue NW

The City has received an application to rezone 11024 82 Avenue NW from the Urban Services Zone (US) to the Commercial Mixed Business Zone (CB3) with the Main Streets Overlay.

Along with this rezoning application, there is also a proposal to amend the Main Streets Overlay as it is applied to the CB3 Zone. Key changes would be introducing a size restriction to the tower floor plate and also allowing an increase to the maximum height. 

The proposed rezoning, coupled with the associated amendment to the Main Streets Overlay, would allow for the development of a high-rise, mixed-use tower with the following characteristics:

  • A maximum base structure height of 13.0 metres (approximately 3 storeys) and an overall maximum building height of 75 metres (approximately 22 storeys)
  • Pedestrian-oriented commercial space at ground level facing 82 (Whyte) Avenue NW with a residential tower above. Commercial uses allowed could include, but are not limited to, general retail stores, health services, personal service shops such as hairdressers, and specialty food services.
  • A maximum tower floor plate area of 850 square metres.
  • Requiring any vehicle parking provided to be accessed from the rear lane and any surface or above-ground parking to be screened from view.

Thank You for Your Feedback

Feedback was collected for this application from January 10-24, 2022 through the City’s online virtual engagement tool.

The City will use any feedback that you share to make sure the review of the application is as complete as possible, and will also summarize it for City Council so that they know your perspective prior to making a decision.

Because the rezoning is to a standard zone (CB3), the scope of public input is limited, as the City cannot adjust or customize standard zone regulations based on public feedback. However, there is some opportunity for public input to help fine-tune the proposed changes to the Main Streets Overlay regulations.

The detailed design of the building will be determined at the development and building permit stage, should the rezoning be approved by Council. While not part of the rezoning considerations, the applicant has indicated they are open to community feedback on these aspects.

What We Heard Report

Council Approval Date: April 5, 2022

Bylaw Numbers: Bylaw 20039 and Charter Bylaw 20040

Reference File Number: LDA21-0442

Planner: Email Andrew McLellan or call 780-496-2939 for more information