Planning applications received by the City in the Donsdale neighbourhood.


4815 Donsdale Drive NW

A planning application (map) has been approved for a property at 4815 Donsdale Drive NW. 
The application proposed to rezone the property from Rural Residential Zone (RR) to Metropolitan Recreation Zone (A) and Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2). The Metropolitan Recreation Zone (A) zone will preserve the natural area at, and below, the river valley top of bank.

The proposed DC2 provision will allow the development of single-detached housing with a minimum lot width of 22 m (72 feet) and criteria to ensure compatibility with the character of the surrounding residential properties.

An associated amendment to the Donsdale Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) proposed to create a new land-use category, Large Lot Residential, and re-designate a portion of the NSP from its current designation, Existing Country Residential, to Large Lot Residential.

City Council Approval Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Reference File Number: LDA20-0093

Planner: Email Vivian Gamache or call 780-944-0122 for more information.