Approved rezoning and plan amendment of Century Park site, east of Century Park LRT Station (former Heritage Mall Area).

Application Approved

City Council approved the proposal at the June 12, 2017 Public Hearing - see items 5.1 and 5.2 on the agenda.


In 2016, the City received an application to rezone the Century Park site, east of the Century Park LRT station (former Heritage Mall Area). The approved rezoning is from (DC2) Site Specific Development Control Provision to (DC2) Site Specific Development Control Provision.

The existing zoning at the time allowed for the development of a high-density mixed-use urban village. While the purpose of the approved zoning is the same, there are some key differences:

  • Allows more development flexibility such as placement of towers.

  • Increases residential densities.

  • Adds a commercial main street in place of a large central water feature.

  • Provides non-accessory parking for privately owned park and ride and shared parking. Non-accessory parking means providing vehicular parking which is not primarily intended for the use of residents, employees or clients of a particular development. Typical uses include surface parking lots and parking structures.

There was also associated application to amend the Kaskitayo Outline Plan to facilitate the rezoning.

Key Features of the Approved Proposal

  • Mix of residential and commercial uses across the site in small blocks with distinct street types and land uses
  • Increase the maximum number of residential units from 2,886 units to 3,995 units
  • Commercial main street:
    • Acts as a public space for farmers' markets and other events
    • Provides a connection from the east side of the site to the Century Park LRT station and transit centre
    • Provides limited and low speed vehicle access
  • Building height up to 90 m in select locations (tallest proposed Tower in the existing DC2 zone is 24 storeys or 81 m)
    • Higher buildings close to the LRT and central part of the site
    • Lower buildings like townhouses near the north and northeast edges of the site


Private Amenity Areas: At least 5.5 sq m per residential unit

Outdoor Amenity Areas:

  • Minimum 1,200 sq m amenity area on main street
  • Minimum 600 sq m park in northeast part of the site
  • Up to 27 additional ground level, outdoor communal amenity spaces across the site (rate of 2.0 sq m per residential unit in combined areas 300 - 1,000 sq m in size)
  • Shared use path network through the site and connecting to existing trail network

Other Contributions

  • Up to $278,000 contribution to Ermineskin Community League for off-site public amenity
  • Minimum 400 sq m on-site common space for community building and child care
  • Indoor recreation space within a 2,300 sq m facility on-site
    • Includes minimum 20 publicly accessible and secure bicycle parking spaces
  • At least 5% of residential units to be family oriented
  • Affordable housing as per City of Edmonton Policy C582
  • Public art contribution for every development phase on the site (value: $6.80 per sq m of development floor area)
  • On-site bicycle parking stalls calculated at:
    • 50% of residential units for resident bike parking
    • 10% of residential units for visitor bike parking
    • 3 stalls for every 275 sq m business/commercial premises and 1 additional space for every additional 275 sq m or fraction thereof

The Site

Aerial photograph of site

Blue Area:

  • The approved proposal for this area is for a high-density, mixed-use urban village, as discussed in the key features

Red Areas:

  • These areas will be rezoned simply to allow the existing development to remain as is (commercial and residential development).

The approved rezoning area is bounded by:

  • North: 29 Avenue NW
  • South: 23 Avenue NW
  • East: 109 Street NW
  • West: 111 Street NW

What is a DC2 Zone?

The purpose of a DC2 Zone (Site Specific Development Control Provision) is to provide special regulation of a specific site where any other Zone would be inappropriate or inadequate.

The Century Park lands make up a large site (over 12 hectares in size). The site is expected to develop in stages over the long term. DC2 Zoning at the Century Park site is appropriate because:

  • It is a unique site with good opportunities for Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
  • It is a large site
  • Specific regulation is needed to reduce land use conflicts with neighbouring properties
Development and Construction

Planned utility work began May 29, 2017, and required the closure of the Century Park entrance/exit south of the transit centre off 111 Street near 24 Avenue. On June 15, 2017, most of the existing reserved parking section moved to a new location at Century Park due to private landowner development on the existing site. For more information, see

Two development permits were issued for the Century Park site. Both applications were reviewed and approved under the existing DC2 zoning:

  1. Development permit issued for a retail building, row housing and three (3) apartment towers. This development will occur in the southeast part of the approved rezoning area (Site 2 in the existing DC2 zoning; see Appendix II).
  2. Development permit issued for an apartment tower in the east-central part of the approved rezoning area. This development will occur directly west of the Regent at Century Park developments (Tower T5 in the existing DC2 zoning; see Appendix II).

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