Planning applications received by the City in the Baranow neighbourhood.

There are no current planning applications in the Baranow neighbourhood.


12404 140 Avenue NW

A planning application (map) has been approved for a property at 12404 140 Avenue NW. The current zoning is Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2).

The proposed Charter Bylaw amendment removes the existing reference limiting residential uses for only seniors housing, and applies to multi-unit, group home and lodging housing in the current DC2 list of uses.

This change will allow for a broader range of households to be accommodated on the vacant portion of the subject site. All other listed uses in the DC2 Provision are proposed to remain in place including related health services and personal service uses that would support residential development

The approved rezoning conforms to the Castle Downs Outline Plan (Baranow Area).

City Council Approval Date: Monday October 7, 2019

Reference File Number: LDA19-0291

Planner: Email Vivian Gamache or call 780-944-0122 for more information.

12222 137 Avenue NW

A planning application (map) has been approved to develop apartment housing, up to four storeys in height, on land located north of 137 Avenue NW and east of 123A Street NW.

In order to accommodate this development, a rezoning was required from Commercial Shopping Centre Zone (CSC) to Low Rise Apartment Zone (RA7). An amendment to the Castle Downs Outline Plan (Baranow Area) was also needed.

The existing commercial shopping site is over 6 hectares in size and contains a large paved surface parking lot that is not needed in its entirety for the shopping centre. The approved rezoning provides an opportunity for residential infill to use land and infrastructure more efficiently in an established neighbourhood.

The following are permitted uses in the RA7 Zone:

  • Apartment Housing
  • Row Housing
  • Stacked Row Housing
  • Minor Home Based Business
  • Group Homes
  • Limited Group Homes
  • Lodging Homes
  • Urban Garden

City Council Approval Date: Monday March 19, 2018, Agenda Item 3.2, Bylaw 18158

Reference File Number: LDA17-0246

Planner: Email Carla Semeniuk or call 780-496-1582 for more information.