3704 141 Street SW

Chappelle Rezoning and Plan Amendments map
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An application has been made to rezone a portion of 3704 141 Street SW. The site is located west of 141 Street SW and north of 41 Avenue SW in the Chappelle neighbourhood.

The application is to rezone the site from Low Rise Apartment Zone (RA7) to Urban Services Zone (US).  The proposed zoning will accommodate the development of a religious assembly use.

The application includes amendments to higher level plans including the Chappelle Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan (NASP), and the Heritage Valley Servicing Concept Design Brief (SCDB) to facilitate the proposed rezoning.  

Associated plan amendments include map changes replacing the subject land designated as Medium Density Residential (Low Rise Apartment) with an Institutional designation and updating statistics.

City Council Public Hearing Date: August 28, 0217

Reference File Number: LDA17-0271