Approved rezoning for an addition on the northeast corner of 17010 90 Avenue NW.

Summerlea Rezoning map

The approved application amends the existing Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2) for an addition on the northeast corner of the site beyond the approved site plans. No other use class changes were proposed.

This new DC2 will have the same regulations as the approved DC2; however, it will contain a new site plan to reflect the added structure on the east end of the existing structure to facilitate an additional 423 square metres for another retail unit.

The provision will be updated to current language and will not affect the scale of development. The large site was zoned DC2 746.

The existing DC2 provision had anticipated development of a retail centre and some smaller complementary retail development throughout the site.

City Council Public Hearing Date: Monday August 28, 2017

City Council Approval Date: Monday August 28, 2017

Reference File Number: LDA17-0343