Proposed rezoning along 111 Avenue NW, east of 119 Street NW.

A planning application has been submitted to rezone land within the Prince Rupert neighbourhood at 11638, 11642, 11646, 11650, 11654, and 11658 111 Avenue NW. 

Application History

A rezoning application which proposed to rezone four parcels of land from Single-Detached Residential Zone (RF1) to Medium-Rise Apartment Zone (RA8) and two parcels of land from Single-Detached Residential Zone (RF1) to Low-Rise Apartment Zone (RA7) to allow for a mix of medium-rise and low-rise multi-unit housing was advanced to the September 8, 2021 City Council Public Hearing. In response to concerns raised by neighbourhood residents regarding increased traffic impacts to the rear lane, Council referred the application back to City administration with the following motion:

That Charter Bylaw 19864, be referred to Administration, to work with the applicant on a Direct Control Provision modeled off the RA8 and RA7 Zones that addresses site access off of the service road off of 111 Avenue, and return to a future City Council Public Hearing. 

About The Revised Application

The proposed rezoning is from the Single-Detached Residential Zone (RF1) to a Site-Specific Development Control Provision (DC2).

The current Single-Detached Residential Zone (RF1) allows for single-detached housing while allowing other forms of small scale housing in the form of secondary suites, garden suites, semi-detached housing and duplex housing. 

The proposed Site Specific Development Control Provision (DC2) allows for a medium-rise multi-unit housing building with the following characteristics:

  • a maximum height of 23 metres (approximately 6 storeys) with a transition down to 14.5 metres (approximately 4 storeys) along the site’s east side
  • a maximum Floor Area Ratio of 2.8
  • a maximum density of 160 units
  • limited commercial opportunities at ground level; and
  • primary vehicular access from 111 Avenue (service road)

Proposed commercial uses include but are not limited to: child care services, convenience retail stores and restaurants. A full list of proposed commercial uses can be found within the draft DC2 provision below.

There is no local plan in effect for the Prince Rupert neighbourhood.

Share Your Feedback

From April 4-April 18, 2022, feedback is being collected for this application through the City’s online virtual engagement tool. Feedback will be used to make sure the City's review of the application takes local context into consideration and is as complete as possible, as well as to help inform conversations with the applicant about potential revisions to address concerns or opportunities raised. Feedback will also be summarized in the report for City Council so that they are aware of the public’s perspectives before making a decision at a future Public Hearing.