Properties near or beside the river valley and ravine system have development restrictions to help preserve the stability of the slope. Many of these lots have a right-of-way, easement, or restrictive covenant registered on the title regarding these restrictions. Development applications for lots that abut the river valley and ravine system must be supported by a submission of a geotechnical report which, when accepted by the City, will provide specific recommendations with respect to surface drainage and roof and foundation drainage systems. Geotechnical engineers generally recommend against installation of irrigation systems and water features as a result these features are usually prohibited. Retaining wall systems must be shown on proposed plans and endorsed by the geotechnical or structural engineer.

Lot grading plans must specify the locations and elevations of all features to be constructed and included on the lot grading certificates before requesting for inspection or re-inspection. Examples of the features are: deck, fire pit, pond, path, bridge, retaining wall, building, raised gardens, unusual grade alteration.

Lot grading uses the feature information provided to evaluate the impact on surface drainage and water storage. Most residential properties near a river valley and ravine system (top of bank) have a storm service requirement for downspouts (roof leaders). For more information on servicing requirements, please call EPCOR Water Services Inc, Water and Sewer Servicing at 780-496-5444 or email 

Please call 311 if you have any questions regarding an existing or proposed development in the vicinity of the valley and ravine system