Splash pads convey roof water and groundwater past the foundation excavation zone and away from the foundation walls. They minimize soil erosion and water recycling through the foundation drainage system. The recommended standard concrete splash pad is 30 cm x 107 cm.

If direct connection to the storm or foundation service is not available, the splash pad could be placed:

  • underneath all downspouts draining onto soft landscaping (sod, topsoil or mulch)
  • underneath the sump pump discharge outlet where it is draining onto soft landscaping (sod, topsoil or mulch)

The discharge point of downspouts, splash pads and sump hoses must be located within the property a minimum of:

  • 15 cm from an adjacent private property
  • 30 cm from an adjacent City property

The following diagram and pictures illustrate the standard splash pad dimensions and proper use of splash pads and downspout extensions: