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Let your lawn breathe

It's a root awakening! Aerating your hard, compacted soil helps get water, nutrients and oxygen to the roots. Aeration is best done in the early fall before overseeding and top dressing.

Get to the root of the matter

If the soil under your lawn is compacted, it will have an adverse effect on grass health as well as promote weed growth. Reduced soil porosity occurs when soil particles are forced closer together, restricting the normal exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

To correct this problem, aerate your lawn in the fall, preferably in conjunction with overseeding and top dressing. Aerating allows a better flow of water, air and vital nutrients to the plant roots.

Check with your garden centre or hardware store if they have aerators available for rental. There are two types of mechanical aerators, a solid-tined machine that drives spikes into the ground, and a coring machine that removes small plugs of soil.

You know you need to aerate when…

  • The ground is hard and compacted.
  • Water does not penetrate well when you water.
  • Growth is sparse and there is visible damage to the grass from foot traffic.

Source: Lawn Maintenance brochure, Health Canada, 2002.

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