Use the mulch technique in selected areas to establish natural plantings.


  • In relatively small island plantings
  • In manicured areas
  • To form an edge to a native or naturalized plant community
  • In close proximity to residential or formally maintained areas where dense planting is desired as a visual or sound barrier


  • Eliminate grass and herbaceous plants through herbicides (for example, Round-Up).
  • With a sod cutter, cut an area that will contain the mulch and provide a well defined boundary.
  • Spread mulch to a depth of 10 cm (3 inches).
  • Monitor the area for a growing season to ensure grass and weeds do not return. Spray or pull any that do.
  • After one growing season, plant the area with a selection of native plants. Consider the soil, moisture availability, exposure. before choosing plants.


The mulch technique will:

  • Reduce weed invasion and establishment
  • Improve growing conditions by conserving moisture and maintaining even soil temperatures
  • Result in faster growth and establishment of native plantings
  • Enhance the look of the area as the plantings are established
  • Reduce maintenance costs (for example, less weed control required, reduced need for watering)