Edmonton Fire Rescue Services hosts the Fire Summit bi-annually, bringing together key stakeholders - fire services, builders, representatives from municipal and provincial governments, and consumer advocates - to discuss fire-related issues in the province.

Fire Summit VII

Renovation: Managing Life-safety Risk in Existing Buildings
April 2018

Innovative products and a focus on sustainability leads to finding new ways to make old buildings new, but without care, important safety aspects can be missed. The summit’s purpose was to identify potential risks and propose solutions. Read the Summary Report.


Fire Summit VI

Building Alberta Safely: Defining the Next 25 Years of Building and Development Safety 
July 2016

The building landscape is changing rapidly, both from consumer and community demands, new technologies, and the diversity of new housing stock. As municipalities work through these unique development issues, are we taking a balanced approach to livability and public safety? The summit worked to develop a list of recommendations to address these challenges. Read the Summary Report.


Fire Summit V

Fire Safety: Alberta's Residential Care Facilities
June 2014 

After a day of presentations from all perspectives affecting residential facility fire safety and discussing the issues in groups, Fire Summit participants developed an agenda for action on improving fire safety in residential care facilities in Alberta. Read the Summary Report.


Fire Summit IV

FIRE SAFETY: Development and construction of buildings
June 2012

The focus of this Fire Summit was to discuss and evaluate outstanding code concerns, including: code interpretation for spatial separation, adjacent property protection during construction, and unprotected engineered floor trusses. Emerging issues included increased urban density and the perceived fire risk when materials necessary to achieve high energy efficiency are installed. Read the Summary Report.


Fire Summit III

June 2010 (co-hosted with Edmonton Police Service)

Every year there are a significant number of arsons in our city that not only cause extensive property damage, but also pose serious risks to our communities and diminish our citizens’ sense of safety. This Fire Summit focused on 3 key topics: raising the awareness of arson, the definition and recording of arson-related crimes, and the prevalence of arson in our community. Read the Summary Report.

Fire Summit II

Life Safety: Issues For At-risk Populations
May 2008

This Fire Summit explored 3 issues: aging in place, inappropriate occupancy, and single family dwellings as group homes. After identifying key solutions, participants prepared an action plan and identified priority initiatives. Read the Summary Report.

Fire Summit I

Alberta Building Code

This inaugural Fire Summit was attended by stakeholders across the province as well as municipal leaders, drawing significant provincial and national attention. Read the Discussion Notes.