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The Capital Line South extension preliminary design is now complete. The project will move forward when funding becomes available.

Where We Are

On January 22 2019, City Council approved the concept plan amendments to the Capital Line South LRT extension from Century Park to Ellerslie Road. The City has completed preliminary design and the project will move forward when funding becomes available.

About The Project

Design Phase

The Capital Line South Extension is part of the City’s Transportation Master Plan vision to expand LRT service to all sectors of the City by 2040. Expanding the existing line will improve mobility and access to neighbourhoods in southwest Edmonton.

Capital Line South continues to be a high floor LRT, 4.5km long and includes: 

  • An underpass at 23 Avenue, bridges crossing Blackmud Creek and Anthony Henday Drive
  • An operations and maintenance facility south of Anthony Henday Drive
  • Heritage Valley Park and Ride - a new integrated transit facility with a future LRT station, a transit centre and the park and ride

Fly-through from Century Park to Ellerslie.

Fly-through of Century Park to Heritage Valley.

Century Park to Heritage Valley

Map Legend

Design Phase Design Phase
Bridge Bridge
Park and Ride Park & Ride
Public Engagement Public Engagement Meeting(s)
Stops or Stations Stops or Stations

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Capital Line South Extension and when will it be built?

This 4.5 km LRT extension, from Century Park to Ellerslie Road, will run between 127 and 135 Streets. This extension is expected to be in service before 2040, with the exact timing based on City Council prioritization and obtaining funding.

Why is this LRT extension being looked at again?

LRT design requirements are always being updated as the technology changes. It has been seven years since the preliminary design for the Capital Line South Extension, called South LRT Extension at that time, was approved. In 2016, the federal government approved funding through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) to support the City on LRT and other transit projects. The Capital Line South Extension preliminary design was identified as needing to be updated to reflect current design standards, current conditions and new opportunities.

What is the timeline for the update of the preliminary design?

This preliminary design update will be completed by the end of September 2018 to meet Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) funding requirements.

What is being included in this preliminary design update?
Confirm Preliminary Design is Current

We need to make sure preliminary design meets new technology and standards. This is a technical exercise with little influence by the public.

Assess the Tracks

Assess the need for raising or lowering of the tracks from street level (grade separation) at several locations along the line using a City Council approved assessment matrix. This is a technical exercise with little influence by the public. However, if deemed necessary, the public will have input on how these are designed to fit into the adjacent areas.

Look Into an Additional Station

Assess the possibility of an additional station adjacent to Twin Brooks. This is a technical exercise with some influence by the public.

Review the Look and Feel

Confirm, and if required, reconsider the aesthetics/look and feel of the design by looking at materials and furnishings that meet the current needs of the adjacent communities. This is where the public will have a strong influence on the design.

Where and when can I provide input?

You will have opportunities for input throughout the project. Public input will be collected and considered during three stages of the project.

How will my input be used?

The City of Edmonton is committed to working with and engaging citizens and stakeholders. Feedback from engagement events will be compiled in What We Heard reports which will be posted to the project web pages. These reports will include how feedback was used.

Why can’t I help decide on raising or lowering of the tracks from street level, at crossings along this extension?

The process for deciding if the line should go above or below street level (grade separation) involves the use of a City Council approved assessment matrix. This matrix provides an objective, consistent process when assessing LRT road crossing options. Major intersections are identified and assessed with the matrix which considers the following criteria:

  • Accessibility: How the various transportation modes link between one another and with adjacent developments
  • Network Operations: How the surrounding and broader transportation network is impacted
  • Urban Design and Social Environment: How the surrounding communities and stakeholders are impacted
  • Feasibility and Construction: Feasibility, costs and risk assessments

If going above or below street level is required, the public will be able to provide input on their design to fit into the communities. Concerns and other comments will also be taken and considered.

Will there be Park & Ride?

Two Park & Ride facilities are provided. Century Park has an existing Park & Ride, which is not part of this project. Heritage Valley Park & Ride, at the south end of this extension, is currently undergoing preliminary and detailed design as a separate project. It is anticipated that the Heritage Valley Park & Ride will be built within the next 5 years. It will include a bus transit centre.

The City is also in the process of developing a city-wide Park & Ride strategy.

Will there be problems with the signalling and speed of the trains with this extension?

The City is sensitive to the fact that the signalling system substantially delayed the opening of the current Metro Line. This will be a key consideration as we move forward and will be included as part of the update process. The design of efficient signalling and traffic systems is a top priority for this project and the lessons learned from the Metro Line will be applied to remove similar issues.

What is not being looked at in this project?

The corridor (the route) and the alignment (where the tracks are in the corridor) have been decided upon, so they will not change. The station at Ellerslie Road, between 127 and 135 Streets, has also been determined. These elements were approved by City Council during the concept design phase.

Public Engagement

Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Date   Documents  
January 10, 2019 Meeting 6 Agenda Minutes
August 29, 2018 Meeting 5 Agenda Minutes
April 25, 2018 Meeting 4 Agenda Minutes
March 28, 2018 Meeting 3 Agenda Minutes
January 31, 2018 Meeting 2 Agenda Minutes
November 8, 2017 Meeting 1 Agenda  Minutes

Names of CAC members have been removed from the meeting minutes in compliance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation. Attachments referred to in meeting notes are not included. Some attachments are available online, while others were only for CAC members' information.


During the summer and early fall 2017, a number of pop-ups were held along the future extension alignment to allow residents an opportunity to provide their input on the project.

Public Meetings

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