Building a new LRT line is a significant infrastructure project that can take several years of planning and engineering before construction can begin.

LRT Project Life Cycle

Project Lifecycles

Strategies examine how potential LRT expansion fits in with long term plans to use land and manage growth.

Strategic Studies:

Concept plans define the route, station locations and LRT track alignment within transportation corridors. They also identify all major infrastructure, crossings, property requirements and initial cost estimates.

This phase includes two successive parts: preliminary design and detailed design. The design phase further refines engineering details and develops architectural, landscaping and aesthetic plans. Property requirements are confirmed.

A project delivery strategy, detailed cost estimates, construction plans and tender packages are developed. Construction begins.

The new stations open and the LRT goes into service.

Public Involvement

Public involvement fits within the decision-making process at each stage of the project life cycle. Community insight provides important information to the project team and its work. The decisions made at each stage are set the context for the next project phase and help towards completing the overall project design.

In technical studies like LRT projects, the level of detail increases as the project progresses from Concept Planning to Preliminary Design.

The City conducts public involvement per Public Involvement Policy C593, which refers to a Continuum of Public Involvement. This continuum helps set clear expectations for everyone involved, informing stakeholders and the public on what they are able to influence and when.

C593A Public Engagement Policy


Continuum of Public Involvement

Information Sharing
  • Sharing information to build awareness
  • Testing ideas or concepts to build knowledge
  • Collaborating to develop solutions to build commitment
Active Participation
  • Sharing decision-making to build ownership
  • Delegating decision-making to build responsibility