LRT Expansion

After City Council Approved the LRT Network Plan in 2009 several expansions were completed.

Metro Line: North LRT to NAIT Expansion

September 6, 2015

  • Metro Line opened
  • Three new stations opened: MacEwan, Kingsway/Royal Alexandra Hospital, NAIT
  • 3.3 km extension from Churchill LRT Station in downtown Edmonton northwest to NAIT

Capital Line: Health Sciences to Century Park Expansion

2010 to 2009

  • With the opening of three more stations it expanded the line to 21 km 
  • 2010 Southgate and Century Park stations open
  • 2009 McKernan/Belgravia and South Campus/Fort Edmonton Park stations open

South LRT Extension Fly-Through Video

City Council approved the LRT Network Plan

June 2, 2009

The Transportation and Public Works Committee of City Council held a Non-Statutory Public Hearing on the Regional LRT Network Plan.

Transportation and Public Works Committee Minutes (Item E1)

Regional LRT Network Plan Report

LRT Network Plan Elements

Long Term Potential LRT Ridership Map

The report outlines key characteristics of the future LRT network, recommendations on system style, vehicle technology, number of LRT lines in an ultimate LRT network, logical extent of those lines, circulation in the central area, and tunnel capacity constraints.

These documents are located in the Transportation Committee Archives.

LRT Network Plan Information Sessions

May 2009

The City held two open information sessions, where aspects of the LRT Network Plan were shared with the public.

LRT Expansion Plan Presentation

How It Started

Planning for Edmonton’s LRT started in 1962 and service started in time for the 1978 Commonwealth Games. It ran between Belvedere Station to Central Station.

Between 1981 and 2006 six more stations open up expanding the LRT line in the Northeast and to the University area.

In 2008 a new criteria for LRT route planning and evaluation created a new focus of finding a balance of travel time and shaping land use.

City Council Approves New Criteria for LRT Route Planning & Evaluation

December 17, 2008

The criteria reflected a shift in the City’s strategic planning direction, as reflected in The Way We Move and The Way We Grow. For LRT and Transit investments, the original goal was to minimize travel times and increase ridership, but the new focus was finding a balance of travel time and shaping land use.

City Council Minutes (Item E14)

The document is located in the City Council Archives.

First LRT Plans for Capital Line LRT: Clareview to Health Sciences Station

1962 to 2006

  • 2006 Health Sciences Station opens
  • 1998 and 2001: Upgrades to the Belvedere and Clareview stations occurred
  • August 23, 1992: Extension from Grandin to University Station opened. It includes a North Saskatchewan River bridge crossing
  • September 1989: Extension from the Bay Station to Grandin Station opened
  • December 1983: The D.L. MacDonald Yard, between Belvedere and Clareview, opened for storage and to service the vehicles
  • June 1983: Downtown was extended to the Bay and Corona stations
  • April 26, 1981: Extension from the CN right-of-way to Clareview Station opened
  • April 22, 1978: Service started from Central Station to Belvedere Station in time for the 1978 Commonwealth Games
  • 1974 to 1977: Construction and testing started
  • 1962: Plans for Edmonton's LRT were developed