In spring 2018, Edmontonians were invited to help refine the proposed bus network by telling us what they liked, didn’t like and how they use transit. During summer 2019, our transit planners made adjustments to the proposed network. We invited Edmontonians to advise us on the second draft in fall 2018. This was an opportunity for us to validate what we heard to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

In summer 2019, we engaged communities identified for an On Demand Transit (alternative transit) option. We held workshops where we presented four options to better understand how they would use the service, and public input will be used to help refine ETS’ approach. Online surveys were made available to validate what we heard at the workshops, collect additional input and provide an opportunity to gather feedback from Edmontonians who couldn’t attend a workshop.

Providing Feedback

The public engagement period for the bus network redesign and On Demand Transit (alternative transit) projects have concluded.