The City is paving rural roads in south, west and northeast Edmonton. Construction completion is anticipated in fall 2021.

About the Project

The City has identified priority areas for paving with Edmonton’s annexation lands:

  • 215 Street from 9 Avenue SW to 33 Avenue SW

  • Meridian Street from Fort Road to 195 Avenue

  • 17 Street for approximately 50m north of 73 Avenue SW

  • 34 Street for approximately 50m north of 73 Avenue SW

  • 73 Avenue SW from east of 170 Street to 124 Street; construction will include paving intersecting roadways approximately 50m north and south of 73 Avenue SW

  • Drainage improvements near 124 Street

Paving locations have been identified based on road condition, maintenance requirements, improvements to safety and the ability to complete construction in 2021. The City assesses roadways regularly and construction priorities are completed as funding is available.

Paving will occur in summer and fall 2021. Property access and construction staging will be evaluated prior to construction.