Photo of Glenora bridge

The overpass along 107 Avenue over Groat Road was rehabilitated to meet current and future needs. Construction was completed in 2022.

Project Update - October 2022

Construction on the Glenora Bridge Rehabilitation was completed ahead of schedule in August 2022. All lanes of traffic have reopened to vehicles. Bridge upgrades include a new concrete surface, strengthening of bridge girders and deck joint replacements.

Rehabilitated Glenora Bridge photo

About the Project

Glenora Bridge is an overpass along 107 Avenue over Groat Road. Originally constructed in 1967, the bridge acts as a major roadway that has reached the end of its service life and needs to be rehabilitated for safety. The rehabilitation will allow for Glenora Bridge to be used for decades in the future, providing a safe and efficient connection. Rehabilitation details include:

  • Girder repairs

  • Replacement of the current concrete surface

  • Deck joint replacement

  • A new surface drain at the east abutment

  • Strengthening items including the girders to account for heavy load vehicles

Previous upgrades to the bridge include strengthening and rehabilitation work that was complete between 1994-1997. Once rehabilitated, Glenora Bridge will continue to serve as a main overpass for the area and will keep 3 lanes of traffic and a sidewalk in each direction.