sketch of bridge design

The City is building a new pedestrian bridge at 170 Street between 87 Avenue and 90 Avenue. The bridge is anticipated to be complete by fall 2022.

Project Update - Fall 2021

Construction for the new pedestrian bridge begins this fall. Prior to construction starting, selected trees will be removed that are in the alignment of the new bridge and ramps. Tree preservation is an important part of the 170 Street Pedestrian Bridge project, and new trees will be planted in the project area. No access for businesses or residents will be impacted during the tree removal

The previous ramp and bridge abutment will also be removed prior to the new bridge being constructed. To remove the previous structure, the existing shared-use path between 87 Avenue and 88 Avenue will be closed from October 25 - November 7. During this closure, pedestrians will be detoured to 165 Street. 

Construction Bulletin - Tree Removal
Construction Bulletin - Pathway Closure

About the Project

The City has identified a need for a new grade-separated pedestrian bridge to allow for safe crossing of 170 Street between 87 Avenue and 90 Avenue. A new pedestrian bridge will provide pedestrians access to area businesses, schools and transit options while minimizing disruption to vehicular traffic along 170 Street. An interim crosswalk at 170 Street and 90 Avenue was also installed in late 2019 to accommodate current safety and accessibility needs.