What's New

Recommended concept plan for 107 Avenue, 130 Street to 170 Street now available for review online:

107 Avenue - 130 Street–170 Street

About the Project

107 Avenue is one of Edmonton’s major east-west corridors serving both residential communities and commercial districts from Downtown to the City’s west side. It is a designated truck route and may experience future traffic flow changes with the addition of the Valley Line LRT along 102 Avenue/ Stony Plain Road. The City is conducting a long-range concept planning study to improve current and future traffic patterns and to accommodate growth.

The concept planning study will look at intersection improvements, potential road widening and roadway upgrades. The goal is to improve safety and traffic flow efficiency for all road users along 107 Avenue.

What's Next

This study was initiated in late spring 2013. A public survey / questionnaire was launched in mid-August 2013 to gather feedback. In September 2013, the project team conducted interviews with representatives from area community leagues and business groups. Various technical studies and transportation model updates were conducted between December 2013 and August 2014, followed by analysis and implementation of the results.

In November 2014, the project was divided into two sections. The corridor east of 130 Street is currently on hold, while a draft concept plan of the corridor west of 130 Street was shared with the public at an Open House in early 2015.

Please refer to each section’s project page for more information on next steps.

To date, no funding has been made available for the upgrades to 107 Avenue, so there is no timeline for construction.

Project Update - January 2015

The project team reorganized the 107 Avenue concept planning project and have advanced one section of the project to the next stage of development.

The fall 2013 online survey and interviews with community stakeholders revealed a split in traffic concerns for the corridor. Citizens east of 130 Street had concerns with on-street parking, neighbourhood parking and unsignalized pedestrian crossings. This section of the roadway is very narrow, with businesses abutting the street; additional analysis will better determine the required improvements to this corridor.

West of 130 Street there is no on-street parking; instead, issues related to traffic delays, congestion, and concerns with pedestrian/ cycling connections and safety were identified by the public as major concerns.

Following the survey, the project team undertook significant traffic analysis of the entire corridor, considering updates to population and employment projections, land use plans and future traffic changes as a result of the planned Valley Line LRT. The analysis included a review of the number of lanes required, pedestrian and cyclist accommodation, and looked at the advantages and disadvantages of widening the corridor. As a result of this analysis and the divergent nature of the public’s concerns, the project has been divided into two sections.

109 Street to 130 Street

107 Avenue (109 Street – 130 Street)

130 Street to 170 Street

107 Avenue (130 Street – 170 Street)