The 103 Avenue Streetscape Project focuses on enhancing the area between 100 Street and 101 Street.

Project Update - July 2021

103 Avenue Streetscape is now at the detailed design stage of the project. That means that 2 previous stages are now complete: Concept design and preliminary design.

During the concept phase, many of the ideas suggested by stakeholders and the public were incorporated into the plan. These can be seen in the images below. The concept phase is considered the ‘what’ of the project.

Preliminary design is the ‘how’ of the project and is a bridge between concept design and detailed design. During this phase, the project team met with several stakeholders along 103 Avenue to collaborate on ways to minimize impacts and create opportunities to enhance their properties. 

Detailed design is a critical phase where the design is further refined. This phase ensures that the overall design solutions meet the project objectives. The project team will continue to work closely with stakeholders through the detailed design process.

Concept Plan Images

About the Project

103 Avenue is a natural connection that links people to the Ice District, the Civic Precinct, including the Royal Alberta Museum, Winspear Centre, City Hall, Stanley A. Milner Public Library, as well as office towers, restaurants, hotels and the Valley Line-South LRT. 103 Avenue also connects hundreds of Edmontonians, including seniors, to their homes.

The 103 Avenue Streetscape is a Green and Walkable project. These projects make areas more attractive to live and invest in, bringing more diversity, vibrancy, and energy to downtown Edmonton. This is a component of the Capital City Downtown Plan that calls for improvements to downtown roadways and streetscapes that support safe and comfortable pedestrian movement, sidewalk vibrancy, quality urban design, and more trees and greenery.

Project Timeline

2022: tendering and construction

Fall 2021: detailed design

July 2020: preliminary design

December 2019 - June 2020: vision and concept planning