Ada Boulevard Bridge was rehabilitated in 2021 with new asphalt, narrowed road and a 3.3m shared-use path.

Project Update - October 2021

Ada Boulevard Bridge, over Wayne Gretzky Drive, was complete and reopened to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle traffic in early October 2021. The upgrades include new paint, asphalt, deck joints, narrowing of the vehicle roadway and adding a 3.3m shared-use path.

Since opening, there have been concerns from bridge users about the new safety barriers on the southside traffic lane. The previous railing was replaced with a concrete barrier as the barrier provides more safety than the railing for a vehicle.

While pedestrians are reminded to please use the shared-use path when crossing the bridge, cyclists are permitted to use either the road space or shared-use path. For cyclists safety, a railing will be installed on top of the concrete barrier in early 2022. A temporary railing will be installed in early November while the permanent railing is being fabricated.

While the railing is being constructed, we encourage cyclists to use the shared-use path. New signage has been placed on both sides of the bridge to guide pedestrians and cyclists to the new shared-use path and sidewalks and bike routes on either side of the bridge.

About the Project

Ada Boulevard, over Wayne Gretzky Drive overpass, is a steel girder structure built in 1968 and includes 2 traffic lanes and a sidewalk. The bridge is owned and maintained by the City as part of the roadway network.

The bridge was last rehabilitated in 1997, and was scheduled for rehabilitation to address a number of worn components that have reached the end of their service life. Work included asphalt replacement, deck joint replacement, replacement of the bridge rails and painting the steel girders and piers. The rehabilitated bridge includes an upgraded and wider pedestrian and cyclist pathway matching the neighbourhood’s shared-use pathway.