The City is reconstructing 53 Avenue between Whitemud Drive and 141 Street. Construction completion is anticipated in fall 2020.

About the Project

Due to poor condition of the pavement and sidewalks, 53 Avenue, between Whitemud Drive and 141 Street, has been identified for roadway reconstruction. This includes reconstruction of the road, curb, gutters, sidewalks and street lights where necessary, for safety and efficiency. Missing sidewalk links and active modes connections are also identified.

The project team met approximately 80% of property owners within the project area one-on-one in September 2019 to discuss ideas for the road construction and to explore concerns or questions the property owners may have. Through the discussion, some of the key things we heard include:

  • How 53 Avenue is currently used by pedestrians and motorists
  • The importance of front landscaping and an interest in preserving mature trees
  • Concerns about speeding
  • Both agreement and disagreement with the need to add a sidewalk on the south side of 53 Avenue 

Based on the feedback received, the project team further refined the design to meet the current and future needs and desires of the residents. Highlights of the refined plan include:

  • Shared-use path along north side of 53 Avenue between 143 Street to Whitemud Drive in front of the school site
  • Sidewalk along north side of 53 Avenue between 141 Street to 143 Street
  • New sidewalk on the south side of 53 Avenue east of 142 Street
  • Narrower roadway and extension of the median east of 141 Street


2021: Landscaping completion

2020: Construction completion anticipated in the fall

2019/2020: Design