The Walterdale-High Level-Kinsmen Stairs are now complete.

About this Project

The river valley stairs that connect the river valley park trail system to the 109 Street access point by the High Level Diner required replacement as these granular stairs did not meet City standards. The previous stairs were also difficult to maintain and did not have handrails, creating a safety hazard for its users. 


  • Replace granular stairs with wooden stairs to meet the current City standards
  • Improve safety for users
  • Follow recommended maximum number of steps between landings, with no more than 2 flights of stairs before a change of direction 
  • Tie into the existing multi-use asphalt trail at top and bottom of stairs
  • Improve maintenance capabilities
  • Maintain the retention wall along the east side of the current stairs
  • Include consideration for erosion control from the west slope within proximity of the stairs and beneath the stairs in the design

Project Timeline


  • Construction began in the summer and was completed in the fall
  • Detailed design finalized, public information activities and completion of environmental impact assessment