Project Update - August 2021

The City will provide an update on this project in the fall. In the meantime, you may see crews in the area conducting regular tree maintenance.

Hazard Tree Removal

Despite the trail being closed, it has come to our attention that the trail continues to be actively used by the public. To ensure public safety, hazard tree removal will be commencing in the coming week(s).

Hazard tree removal is standard maintenance work that is done by the City's Natural Area Operations team and is not related to the proposed Riverside Trail Realignment project. This work would be completed regardless of the outcome of public engagement.

The Natural Area Operations team monitors all Natural Areas in the City and identifies trees in a range of assets, like trails and benches, for risk mitigation. There are approximately 36 trees that require risk mitigation treatment along Riverside Trail. Risk mitigation treatment includes pruning, habitating, such as topping or removing limbs of the tree but retaining portions to provide habitat, and in some cases, removal.

For more information on hazard tree removal, please contact 311.

Project Overview

The Riverside Trail realignment project focuses on an approximately 1.9 km stretch of trail that runs between the Riverside Golf Course and the North Saskatchewan River. The trail is well-used and very popular with neighbouring communities and is also a destination for Edmontonians looking for river valley access and views. Over the past several years, the trail has had numerous issues as a result of high water events, ongoing bank degradation and instability resulting in significant slumps and other safety and accessibility concerns. The trail has been officially closed to the public since 2013.