The City of Edmonton is developing a concept and design to consider site enhancements to the existing Off-Leash Area in Keheewin and Bearspaw, as identified within the Dogs in Open Spaces Strategy.

Project Update - July 2022

The online survey to gather feedback concluded in May.

What We Heard Report

During public engagement, a strong preference was expressed by the community for no fencing of the existing off-leash area.

Preferred Design - July 2022
Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the concept plan for the Keheewin and Bearspaw Off-Leash Area. The feedback received during engagement was used to develop a preferred design. For designs, the City makes decisions using a combination of policy and program information, engagement input, technical requirements, and available funding. This process ensures that the decisions made are fiscally responsible, align with best practices, consider the existing public and private infrastructure, land uses and activities in the neighbourhood and result in the best outcomes for our city.

Project Overview

This project includes the concept and development design of an existing Off-Leash Area, Keheewin and Bearspaw, to consider amenity enhancements as identified within the Dogs in Open Spaces Strategy.

Currently, the project is funded through the preliminary design phase and construction would be dependent on securing additional funding.

This project has considered certain site enhancements to standard amenities of the existing off-leash area. The standard off-leash area amenities being explored include:

  • Physical barriers in areas with high potential for conflict with other park users or safety issues for both dogs and humans
  • Changes to off-leash area boundaries to better integrate off-leash areas with other park uses such as playgrounds and shared use paths
  • Identification of future signage locations
  • Identification of future dog waste bag dispensers and waste receptacle locations
  • Design of physical boundaries (hard or soft) including double gate systems at all entry points

This Off-Leash Area Has 2 Distinct Areas
The Keheewin Off-Leash area is located along a pipeline corridor. The Bearspaw section of the Off-Leash Area is on the west side of 109 Street.