The Jackson Heights stairs are now complete.

About the Project

The community of Jackson Heights has several access paths into the Mill Creek Ravine. Near the intersection of 42 Avenue and 46 Street, a granular path leads to a wooden staircase into the ravine. Due to the steep grade, water runs down the granular path when it rains, carrying gravel onto the staircase and creating a slip hazard.

Project Objectives 

  • Replace stairs and extend the stairs to the top of bank to meet the current City standards
  • Improve safety for users
  • Follow recommended maximum number of steps between landings, with no more than 2 flights of stairs before a change of direction
  • Tie into the existing granular trail at bottom of stairs 
  • Tie into the existing granular trail at the top of the bank
  • Include consideration for erosion control within proximity of the stairs and beneath stairs

Information Session

A public engagement session was held at the Burnewood Community League Hall on Wednesday April 3, 2019.

Project Timeline


  • Construction began in the summer and was completed in the fall
  • Detailed design finalized, public information sessions and completion of environmental information assessment