The Highlands river valley stairs are now complete.

About the Project

The Highlands Granular Trail project was first identified in December 2009. The Highlands Trail is located on the west side of the Capilano Bridge and north of the North Saskatchewan River. The trail that leads to the lower trails is steep. Users of the trail have difficulty traversing the trail due to the grade and the lack of handrails. Several goat paths have also developed in this region as users have sought alternative approaches to reach the lower trails. As well, due to the slope and lack of stockpile space, maintenance equipment is unable to easily maintain the trail. 

Project Objectives

  • Improve access for users from Ada Boulevard to the existing trail system
  • Improve safety for users
  • Rehabilitation of goat paths to natural vegetation and installation of deterrents for recurring use to occur
  • Installation of new stairs to provide safe access to the bottom of the River Valley
  • Introduce erosion control around and beneath the stairs, as well as the existing goat paths

Project Timeline

2019: Construction began in the spring and was completed in September

2017 and 2018: Detailed design and public information activities

2016: Public information activities and completion of the environmental impact assessment