A new district park will be developed in the Heritage Valley area.

Construction Update - July 2021

Construction will begin on Heritage Valley District Park in summer 2021! 

Construction was initially planned to begin in late spring/early summer 2021. It took longer than anticipated to bring a contractor on board and as a result, some of the work planned in 2021 was shifted to 2022 and some elements were removed from the project to ensure it remained on budget.

The  concept plan  legend is the best source to understand the breakdown of construction work for Stage 1 (2021) and Stage 2 (2022).

2021 Work

  • Combination field (#2) - the field adjacent to Dr. Anne Anderson School 
  • The field will be sodded instead of seeded to decrease establishment time
  • Multi-use field (#8)

2022 Work

  • High performance fields with irrigation (#3) 
    • Only 2 of the fields located in Stage 1 will have irrigation. Irrigation infrastructure for the 2 fields located in Stage 2 has been permanently removed from the scope of the project. 
  • U9 soccer pitch (#1) 
  • U11 baseball diamond (#4)  
  • Full sized baseball diamond (#5) 
  • Shared use pathway (#6) 
  • Site furniture, including benches, will still be installed along the trail
  • Sliding hill (#7) 
  • Outdoor classroom (#9)
  • Park sign (#10)
  • Amphitheatre (#11)
  • Public Art Work (#19)

Project Overview

The City is currently in the planning phase for the Heritage Valley District Park which will support the growing Heritage Valley area. It will be home to 2 high schools, a proposed community recreation centre, multiple sports fields, and a variety of open space amenities to serve the area.

Through a series of public engagement opportunities, the City gathered input from residents and property owners, the public and Catholic school boards, community leagues, sports groups and organizations. The feedback gathered, along with City policies and technical requirements, was used to develop a final concept plan.

Project Stages

The project began in 2020 and will be completed in 2 stages, subject to funding approval.

map of stages 1 and 2see larger view