A aerial photo of Gallagher Park

The City started a concept planning process in late 2018 to establish a 20-year vision and development plan for the park.

Gallagher Park Projects - Update February 2022

Gallagher Park Concept Plan

The Gallagher Park Concept Plan (20MB) project is complete. It establishes a 20-year vision for development and use of the area. The implementation of the concept plan will advance as funding becomes available through future budget cycles.

As part of the Concept Plan development, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, along with a Site Location Study (SLS) report were completed.

The City continues to investigate methods to address the drainage concern on site and is working closely with EPCOR to determine the best way to complete this work. As this work advances further updates will be shared.

Gallagher Park Remediation Project

This project is to excavate and remove contaminated soil near the former incinerator site, south of the Muttart Conservatory at Gallagher Park. The area requiring remediation is on the western portion of Gallagher Park near the Peace Dove eastward to the first tree grove of trees as shown on the Excavation Limits Site Plan. The site will be restored to a grassy area suitable for public use.

About the Park

Gallagher Park plays a pivotal role in the river valley parks system. It is home to the Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton Ski Club, Cloverdale Community League and the Edmonton Folk Festival. The park provides recreation, leisure, sport, and an arts and culture venue year-round for Edmontonians.

Gallagher Park Concept Plan Project Overview

The finalized Gallagher Park concept plan establishes a 20-year vision for development and use of the area.

Gallagher Park Concept Plan Report (20MB)
Gallagher Park Concept Plan Report - Appendices (15MB)

The concept plan process was initiated in 2019 and the finalized concept plan was created alongside the Cloverdale Community League, Edmonton Ski Club and Edmonton Folk Music Festival. In addition, public engagement events completed several times throughout the process. 

The concept plan vision statement and guiding principles will guide future development in the park. Five major themes (amenities, safety and security, access and accessibility, recreational activities and environment and heritage) that arose from public and stakeholder engagement were used to guide the preparation of the design alternatives. 

Funding is currently not available for implementation. Should funding become available through partnerships or future City capital budgets, the concept plan will guide the development of the park.

Project Timeline

concept phase


  • Gallagher Park Remediation Project scheduled to proceed in Spring 2022


  • Concept plan finalized


  • Preferred concept plan development
  • Preferred concept plan public engagement


  • Concept plan draft development
  • Public engagement for the concept options and preferred concept plan


  • Consultant procurement
  • City consultation with park site partners


Indigenous engagement in collaboration with 2 other City master plans: Dawson Park — Kinnaird Ravine and Oleskiw Park


  • City Council identified the need for a collaborative approach to develop a 20-year vision for Gallagher Park which included City administration, site partners and Edmontonians
  • A project team and steering committee was established which included both City staff and external site partners

Public Engagement

The project included 3 phases of public engagement to help the City develop a concept plan that will respond to site partners, community needs and City priorities. Each phase included a drop-in public engagement session, online engagement, and internal and external project team meeting.

Project History

Project Update - May 2021

The Gallagher Park Concept Plan (20MB) project is complete. It will establish a 20-year vision for development and use of the area. There is currently no funding available for implementation of the concept plan.

In January 2021, to finalize the concept plan, an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, along with a Site Location Study (SLS) report were completed. Through these reports, several concerns were identified that would impact the implementation of the concept plan should it receive funding, primarily seepage and drainage issues at the eastern areas of the park. 

The City has initiated 2 projects, detailed below, to ensure the Gallagher Park site is ready should the concept plan receive funding: 

Seepage Project

This project will address the area along the eastern edge of the park that is continually boggy and wet. Investigations are currently underway to determine the best option. A timeline will be determined once an approach has been determined.

Drainage/Grading Project

The area south of the Cloverdale Community League lease area is a low spot in the park and annually develops into a wet area during spring melt and during heavy rains. The area has been unofficially named "Lake Gallagher" due to the large amount of water that collects in this low area. Investigations are currently underway to determine how best to remediate this situation. A timeline will be determined once an approach has been determined.

Phase 3 — Summer 2020
Preferred Concept Design

The City will present a final draft of the park preferred concept design that integrates the priorities and feedback from Phase 2. The public will have the opportunity to provide feedback and help fine-tune the program and design.

A final concept plan report will be used as a guide for the future of the park.

What We Heard Report

Phase 2 - September 2019
Concept Design Options

The City will be looking for feedback on 2 concept design options including variations on proposed activities, features, and design elements for the park. The public will have the opportunity to help prioritize elements and choose preferred options.

Meeting Materials (13MB)
What We Heard Report

Phase 1 – March 2019
Project Introduction, Inventory and Analysis, Vision & Guiding Principles

This is the first opportunity to join the conversation about the park. In this phase, the City is looking for initial feedback about the park, including what you like (or do not like) about the park, why it is important to you and what you want to see in the future.

Meeting Materials
What We Heard Report