The Emily Murphy Park stairs are now complete.

About this Project

The Emily Murphy Park trail system includes a series of staircases that connect Emily Murphy Park to Saskatchewan Drive. The previous stairs did not meet City standards. There was noticeable ground erosion and a high drop-off to the ground. The flights of stairs were not stable and could easily shift, while the granular paths connecting each flight of stairs needed rehabilitation to improve safety for users. The lower stair connection did not link to an established trail but to a goat trail.


  • Replace stairs to meet current City standards
  • Improve granular path conditions between stair flights
  • Improve safety for users
  • Improve access for trail maintenance equipment
  • Link a connection point from the lower stair to an established granular trial
  • Mitigate erosion issues within proximity of the stairs, beneath the stairs and granular trial connections

Project Timeline

operate phase2020: Estimated completion of build in spring

2017: Detailed design and public information activities

2016: Public information activities and environmental impact assessment