Photo of a Jumpstart Inclusive Playground

The Jumpstart Inclusive playground at Clareview District Park was completed on time and on budget in fall 2020.

Jumpstart Inclusive Playground

In partnership with Jumpstart Charities, the City built an inclusive playground at Clareview District Park. In addition to the City’s investment of $870,000 in building the playground, Jumpstart Charities provided an in-kind contribution valued at over $1 million which included playground equipment and rubber surfacing.

The playground was completed on time and on budget in fall 2020 and is open for use.

Jumpstart’s vision is to create large-scale, accessible playgrounds in each province and territory across Canada. This vision is in line with the City’s Live Active strategy. Leveraging universal design principles, Jumpstart’s mission is to ensure these playgrounds become the standard for inclusivity by creating imaginative and accessible spaces where children of all abilities can share in the magic of play.