The City has completed the concept design for the Bryan Anderson Athletic Grounds, a district activity park that serves the Terwillegar/Leger area.

Project Overview

The City has completed the concept design for a district activity park - Bryan Anderson Athletic Grounds which will support the Terwillegar/Leger Area. A district park serves several surrounding neighbourhoods, is a part of the city-wide park system and supports a wide variety of facilities, programs and open space activities.

Bryan Anderson Athletic Grounds is home to 3 schools (Mother Margaret Mary Catholic School, Archbishop Joseph MacNeil Catholic School and Lillian Osborne High School), a community recreation centre, multiple sports fields, and a variety of open space amenities.

2020 Concept Design

The 2020 concept design includes updates for these undeveloped elements from the 2008 design:

  • A kindergarten to grade 8 public school
  • Community licensed area
  • Artificial turf facility

Plus these 2 additional elements:

  • Public library
  • An area for future partner-led development

The locations of the remaining undeveloped park elements have been decided based on site geotechnical conditions and input from partners and stakeholders including the Edmonton Public and Catholic School Boards, Catholic the Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord (Francophone School Board), the community recreation center, area community leagues and organizations, and community and sports liaisons.

The wheeled sports area and tennis courts, originally in the 2008 design, were not carried forward into the 2020 design.