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There will be some growing pains as Downtown changes. Here’s resources to help the Downtown community adjust to these changes and ensure our Downtown is an inclusive community and a great place for everyone to live, work and visit.

Parking Downtown

There are 18,000 spots available in a 5-10 minute walk of the major Downtown destinations. A major event at Rogers Place will only use 6,000 stalls, leaving plenty of parking for people going to other destinations. Event-goers will be encouraged use parking facilities versus on-street parking.

Parking in Residential Areas

Parking in residential areas will be restricted in Downtown and the neighbouring communities. Vehicles parked illegally will be fined $75 and may be towed from the site at the standard rate of $120 plus a $35 per day storage fee.

People who sell private parking spaces violate two bylaws and can be issued two fines — $450 for operating without a business licence and $1,000 for operating without a development permit.

Illegal parking can create serious traffic and pedestrian safety issues. It can also result in damage to private and public property.

For general street parking complaints, call 311.

Parking Enforcement

City parking officers have a plan to manage parking Downtown, particularly on event nights at Rogers Place. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Community inspections will identify problem parking areas and educate property and business owners to ensure they understand parking regulations and the enforcement process
  • Increased officer patrols and presence during scheduled major events
  • Parking enforcement officers will patrol and issue traffic fines related to parking infractions as per Traffic Bylaw 5590
  • Uniformed and non-uniformed bylaw officers will actively patrol both commercial and residential locations and check for parking infractions, including where residents have offered/sold parking spots on their property

For general street parking complaints, call 311.

Volunteer Community Enforcement

The Volunteer Parking Agency Program gives private parking lot operators the authority to issue parking tickets. Learn more about the Volunteer Agency Parking Program online or by calling 780-496-5174.

When Do I Call 311?

311 is available 24-hours a day, every day, for access to City of Edmonton information, programs and services. You can also submit requests online. Please contact 311 if you have a concern regarding any of the following matters:


The City is committed to regulating noise that disturbs or affects the safety and health of citizens. Community Standards Bylaw 14600 regulates noise in the community, including but not limited to noise from:

  • Motorcycles
  • Neighbours
  • Business operations

If you have a concern about noise, take the following steps:

  • Discuss the concern with the person making the noise if safe to do so
  • Record the address of the violation and a description of the problem if you can't resolve it directly with the worker or business owner
  • Call 311
  • Provide your name, address, phone number, and the details of your concern in case your testimony is required in court

More information on noise complaints.


To keep the communities around Rogers Place clean and safe for everyone, the City will enhance litter collection in Downtown

  • Adding waste receptacles and ashtrays based on demand
  • Enhancing clean-up activity around Rogers Place
  • Year-round Capital City Clean Up volunteer programs for Downtown residents and businesses
  • Fundraising and engagement opportunities for regular clean-ups after events through the Business Supporting Community program
  • Installing outdoor ashtrays around the perimeter of Rogers Place with year-round service

Call 311 if you see an overflowing waste receptacle, think one is needed at a particular location in Downtown, or to report discarded needles and other biohazardous materials.

For more information:


Property owners are required to remove graffiti under Community Standards Bylaw 14600. Support and resources to manage graffiti are available through the Capital City Clean Up, including up to $750 in help to remove graffiti for eligible property owners*.

You can help reduce graffiti vandalism:

  • Record: Take photos of the vandalized area and record when the vandalism occurred.
  • Report: If you see graffiti, report it to 311 or send an email to
  • Remove: Wash or paint over the graffiti (Removal is dependent on weather conditions)

*Graffiti removal depends on weather conditions.

For more information: Graffiti Management Programs

Smoking & Vaping

No smoking or vaping is allowed in downtown buildings, public areas such as Churchill Square, or within five metres of building entrances. Avoid a $250 fine by smoking or vaping only in designated areas. Free pocket ashtrays are available.

Vendor Enforcement

If you sell, display or distribute goods or services in a public space, you require a Vending Permit. A Vending Permit represents approval of your mobile business’ use of City property, including roadways, sidewalks, parks and other property owned by the City.

Different permits are required for independently operating vendors, festivals and special events as per the City’s vending permit process. Types include:


Enforcement officers will be patrolling areas checking for business licences, obstruction of roadways/sidewalks and valid permits. Vendors operating without adhering to City of Edmonton bylaws may be fined under:

  • Traffic bylaw #5590 67(1)(2);
  • Parkland bylaw #2202 15(e); and/or
  • Business bylaw #13138 (4).

Visit the vending permit page for more information. Call 311 to file a complaint.

Community Safety

Downtown, like any neighbourhood, benefits when everyone looks out the community and for one another.

The Edmonton Police Service has assigned new beat patrol officers to the Downtown Division, which offers residents and businesses a consistent point of contact. Extra duty police will be added on event nights to help direct traffic and pedestrian flow.

Crime Prevention & Reporting

As people who live and work in Downtown on a daily basis, you can help by keeping an eye on your community. Getting to know your neighbours and looking out for each other may seem like simple actions, but they can make a big difference in the security of your building and your neighbourhood.

To report a crime:

Non-emergencies: call 780-423-4567, or #377 from a mobile phone. You can also report crime in person at a police station.

Call 911 only when criminal activity is in progress, for a medical emergency, or for a fire or gas emergency.

Certain crimes can be reported online at

  • Break and enter (detached garage/shed)
  • Damage to property
  • Damage to vehicle
  • Lost property
  • Theft from vehicle under $5,000
  • Theft under $5,000
Home Safety Tips

These are some general tips on how to keep you and your property secure:

  • Contact the police if you see any suspicious activity
  • Lock your doors, even if you’re just going out for a minute
  • Ensure all your windows are secure before leaving; put something solid in the tracks of your sliding windows
  • Don’t hold your apartment building doors open for strangers or buzz in people you don’t know
  • When exiting your building’s parkade, wait until the door closes behind you before driving away
  • Make sure your locks have been changed since the last residents moved out
  • Downtown Division responds to a lot of bike theft from second floor balconies; do not leave items easily accessible on balconies
  • If you don’t have a peephole in your door, ask the property owner to install one
  • Property owners can get a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) evaluation on their buildings to help improve safety and reduce crime. For more information, contact
Vehicle Safety Tips

Theft from vehicles is a concern in Edmonton, and there are easy ways for you to keep your vehicle safe:

  • Remove all valuables and personal items from your car
  • Lock your doors
  • Never leave your vehicle running unattended

Even seemingly worthless items like bags, loose change, documents and clothing can attract thieves.

Supporting Inclusive Communities

Downtown is an inclusive community. Some of our Downtown citizens require support, and there are resources you can access to help ensure we are building a community for everyone.

Supports For Individuals Who Are Homeless

The City of Edmonton and our partners are working together to connect people experiencing homelessness to supports and housing. What you can do to help.

In 2017, the City of Edmonton will dedicate a social worker for the downtown area to help link community members with appropriate resources. The City has also set up a committee with REACH and other social agencies to collaborate on opportunities to support our downtown community.

211 Edmonton is a program of the Support Network that provides a direct link between essential community services and the people who need them.

You can call 211, or visit their website to access their community services directory, need-specific resource lists, quarterly reports of unmet needs in Edmonton (based on the calls received by their referral line), annual referral line statistics, and more.

Responding To Homelessness

The City has dedicated staff who work closely with Boyle Street Community Outreach and the Edmonton Police Service to provide supports and to clean up encampments on public land.

You can call 311 to report any areas for clean up and the City will respond as quickly as possible.

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