Whyte Avenue has been celebrated for its unique heritage, character and image, and represents a key area where growth needs to be managed and positive change leveraged to sustain Whyte Avenue’s long-term success.

Learn more about the next phase of planning in Strathcona with the Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy.

planWhyte Recommendations

The planWhyte Land Use Study (14MB) proposes a series of recommendations to strengthen the heritage and character of the area, manage future growth to benefit community and local business, and revitalize the heart of Old Strathcona as one of Edmonton’s premier arts, culture and tourism destinations. The recommendations are based on 3 phases of public engagement, a technical assessment and support for a new development concept.

The planWhyte Study was presented to City Council’s Urban Planning Committee on August 28, 2018The City of Edmonton prepared changes to the Strathcona Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) to incorporate the recommendations from the study and shared those changes at a drop-in engagement session in September 2019. 

The amendments were approved by City Council at the February 4, 2020 Public Hearing. The Strathcona Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) has now been updated.

The Study Background

Whyte Avenue is a key area where change needs to be carefully managed and leveraged to sustain its future prosperity, attractiveness and livability.  

The City initiated the planWhyte - Whyte Avenue Commercial Area Land Use Study  in 2016 following the proposal of 2 large-scale redevelopment projects (The Mezzo and Southpark on Whyte) and in recognition of ongoing development pressure, sensitivity of the area’s existing heritage and character, and assessment of the Strathcona Area Redevelopment Plan.