Chinatown celebration

Using an economic development lens, this project aims to identify actions towards cultivating Edmonton's Chinatown into a sustainable and vibrant cultural destination. Consultation, collaboration and open dialogue with community partners will drive the strategy for the future we are building together. 

Where We Are Today

Through targeted engagement with community cultural groups, businesses, residents and stakeholders, the City has gathered information on the future of Chinatown. This feedback, enhanced by technical studies, has been evaluated to form the Chinatown Strategy report which was presented to Executive Committee on June 20, 2017.

The Chinatown Strategy report

Phase 4 of this project produced the Chinatown Strategy, a framework of recommended actions, supporting the future sustainability of Chinatown. The strategy is organized around five pillars:

  1. Improve sense of safety and security
  2. Focused economic development
  3. Governance and community leadership network
  4. Celebrate Chinatown as a destination
  5. Enhance built form and landmarks

While the strategy is founded in economic development principles, the direction has been steered by Chinatown cultural organizations, the retail and business sector and community organizations, capturing their expressed needs.

Read the full report, Chinatown Strategy: Energizing a Prosperous Future (10.4 MB)

Project Roadmap

Chinatown Phases