The City of Edmonton has received a proposal to expand the existing Orchards Neighbourhood Structure Plan by adding 110 hectares of land. This area is currently designated as Neighbourhood Four in the Ellerslie Area Structure Plan. By adding this land to the Orchards, the applicant suggests that the neighbourhood will be better connected and provide all the amenities necessary for a complete community. 

This area was originally identified as a separate plan area (Neighbourhood Four) in the Ellerslie Area Structure Plan. The applicant proposes to add this area into the Orchards NSP to create a more connected neighbourhood. This requires a major amendment to the Orchards at Ellerslie NSP to designate land uses and infrastructure that will connect the two areas. 

Proposed Amendment to Combine Orchards and Neighbourhood 4

Original Neighbourhood Layout of Orchards and Neighbourhood 4

Purpose of the Amendment

The applicant proposes to realign 66 street, an arterial roadway on the east side of the Orchards neighbourhood. Changing the alignment of 66 Street allows the existing Orchards neighbourhood and Neighbourhood Four to be combined and planned more cohesively. The Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) describes the general development proposed for the plan area. The NSP includes the following elements:

  • Proposed population densities of residential development and the type of housing
  • Location and type of residential and commercial development
  • Location of arterial and collector roads
  • Location of parks, potential school sites and natural areas
  • Proposed water and sewer network

Once the Orchards neighbourhood is completely developed the total population will be approximately 15,400 people.  How quickly the area develops depends on housing demand and other market conditions.

Key Features of the Amendment

  • A variety of housing types will be provided 
  • Commercial development will be provided at two locations
  • A number of parks spaces, including school sites, are provided for residents 
  • The two natural areas are protected and accessible to the public
  • There is good access to transit and shared use paths for pedestrians 

The land uses proposed are consistent with the existing, developed area of Orchards.

Application Status

This application will go through the following steps: 

  • Submission and initial review - Completed
  • Circulation to all review agencies (example: Transportation, Planning and Engineering, EPCOR Water) - Currently
  • Final Revisions - Fall 2016
  • Scheduling for Council - Fall 2016

Supporting Materials 

Existing Orchards at Ellerslie Neighbourhood Structure Plan

The following documents are in a draft form and may change:
The Orchards at Ellerslie Neighbourhood Statistics
The Orchards at Ellerslie NSP Maps

Technical Reports Under Review

Report Name Purpose of Report  Consultant
Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) Identify expected traffic activity and traffic control required on the roads in the plan area. Bunt & Associates
Geotechnical Report Determine the subsurface soil profile and suitability for underground infrastructure and house foundations in the plan area. J.R. Paine and Associates Ltd.
Hydraulic Network Analysis (HNA) Provide an analysis of the water network proposed in the plan area.  Stantec Consulting Ltd. 
Neighbourhood Design Report (NDR) Outline the proposed sanitary sewer and storm drainage system in the plan area.  Stantec Consulting Ltd. 
Parkland Impact Assessment (PIA) Describe the parks and open space concept for the plan area. Stantec Consulting Ltd. 
Community Knowledge Campus Needs Assessment (CKCNA) Determine the best location, size, and configuration for school sites in the plan area.  Stantec Consulting Ltd. 
Environmental Overview Identify any areas of environmental concern in the plan area. Stantec Consulting Ltd. 
Risk Assessment Identify the level of risk associated with the pipelines in the plan area. Doug McCutcheon and Associates
Historical Resources Act Clearance  Verify that there are no historical resources in the plan area.  Alberta Culture
Ecological Shadow Plan Identify ecological sites in the plan area which will need further analysis at the zoning stage.  Stantec Consulting Ltd.