In 2005, Edmonton City Council created an advisory committee that developed the Avenue Initiative Revitalization Strategy and secured funding for implementation. Created as a community-led and City supported the initiative, its goal was to improve the Alberta Avenue area’s social and physical infrastructure and build a greater sense of community and a vibrant local economy. The Avenue Initiative was the precursor for a community development approach that subsequently guided the initiation of five additional revitalization projects from 2008 to 2018. This approach was outlined and formalized in the Neighbourhood Revitalization Framework (2008). The Neighbourhood Revitalization program currently includes four in-progress Revitalization Areas and two Areas in transition.
While small ad-hoc adjustments to program processes have been made over the years, the Framework has not been substantially reviewed or formally updated. A review initiated in late 2021 is gathering feedback from community participants and City staff on ideas and suggestions around what is working, what isn’t working, and what could be improved. This feedback will be used to develop recommendations and accompanying actions to improve program processes and procedures. Subsequent to these more immediate adjustments, a higher-level review of the program’s alignment to the strategic direction outlined in the City Plan will be undertaken.

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We are in the "Advise" phase.

Two simultaneous streams of engagement took place in February and March of 2022 to gather input about how the current Revitalization Program is working: one with community stakeholders and a second with the various City of Edmonton administrations who are involved in the delivery of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program.

City Administration will use this information to develop concrete recommendations to improve the Neighbourhood Revitalization Program. 

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