The City of Edmonton recognizes the need to provide access to safe and clean washrooms to the public. The City is working on a citywide Public Washroom Strategy to improve access, user experience and management of existing public washroom facilities through a three-phase planning model:

  • Phase 1: Improve how the current inventory is managed
  • Phase 2: Increase access to washrooms through temporary facilities and partnerships, such as the 2022 Mobile Public Washroom Project
  • Phase 3: Develop more permanent public washrooms

Spring 2022 - Mobile Public Washroom Project

Mobile Washroom As part of the Public Washroom Strategy - Phase 2 up to 12 mobile washrooms will be installed around Edmonton in high traffic areas, including parks, business districts and areas hosting outdoor events, starting the first week of May 2022. These mobile washroom trailers offer increased and equitable access to safe and clean washroom facilities for residents and visitors to Edmonton. 

These mobile public washrooms will be staffed with attendants from Boyle Street Ventures (Hire Good) who will oversee their use and maintenance to help ensure a positive user experience. The washrooms will be open daily from 10am to 9pm and will be available until October 31, 2022. During special events, such as the hockey playoffs, the mobile washrooms located downtown will be open extended hours.

2022 Mobile Washroom Locations:

  • Alberta Avenue Community League
  • Lauderdale Offleash Park
  • Warehouse Park site
  • Kinistinaw Park
  • Outside the premises of Boyle Street Community Services, 10116 - 105 Avenue
  • Jasper Place Transit Station/Butler Memorial Park
  • The remaining 6 proposed locations are being finalized and will be set up in May

The locations were chosen in consultation with a diverse group of stakeholders, including Business Improvement Areas, the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, Boyle Street Ventures, and other partners. The City is also working with the No Period Without project team to provide free distribution of menstrual products at the washrooms for those who may need them.  In addition, water bottle filling stations will be strategically placed close to the mobile public washrooms where possible.

These mobile washroom locations may inform locations for the permanent/semi-permanent public washrooms the City is working to deliver by 2023 as part of the citywide Public Washroom Strategy. 

Accessibility of Mobile Washrooms

Some of the mobile washroom trailers that are being installed are accessible. For those that are not accessible, retrofits and replacement washroom trailers are being sourced as they become available for rental. In addition, wheelchair-accessible porta-potties will be placed at the mobile washroom locations that are not accessible within the first two weeks of May.

As the availability of accessible portable washroom rentals can be limited, the City is keeping this in mind when designing additional semi-permanent washrooms that are due to be installed in 2023. Accessibility considerations are included in the design of all new permanent City facilities that contain washrooms, as well as washroom upgrades.