Public Washrooms

The City is working on a citywide Public Washroom Strategy to improve access, user experience and management of existing public washroom facilities.

The City of Edmonton recognizes the need to provide access to safe and clean washrooms to the public. The City is working on a citywide Public Washroom Strategy to improve access, user experience and management of existing public washroom facilities through a three-phase planning model:

  • Phase 1: Improve how the current inventory is managed
  • Phase 2: Increase access to washrooms through temporary facilities and partnerships, such as the 2022 Mobile Public Washroom Project
  • Phase 3: Develop more permanent public washrooms

Spring 2022 - Mobile Public Washroom Project

As part of the Public Washroom Strategy - Phase 2 the City installed 8 mobile washrooms around Edmonton in high traffic areas, including parks, business districts and areas hosting outdoor events, starting the first week of May 2022. These mobile washroom trailers offer increased and equitable access to safe and clean washroom facilities for residents and visitors to Edmonton. 

The mobile public washrooms were staffed with attendants from Boyle Street Ventures (Hire Good) who oversaw their use and maintenance to help ensure a positive user experience. The washrooms were open daily from 10am to 9pm and the program ended on October 31, 2022.

2022 Mobile Washrooms were located at:

  • Alberta Avenue Community League parking lot
  • Lauderdale Off-Leash Park
  • Jasper Place Transit Station/Butler Memorial Park
  • Downtown:
    • Outside the premises of Boyle Street Community Services, 10116 - 105 Avenue
    • Kinistinaw Park
    • 10502 96 Street NW (adjacent to the Bissell Centre)
    • Rice Howard Way (removed in July)
    • Warehouse Park site
  • Unity Square (formerly called Oliver Square)

The locations were chosen in consultation with a diverse group of stakeholders, including Business Improvement Areas, the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, Boyle Street Ventures, and other partners. The City also worked with the No Period Without project team to provide free distribution of menstrual products at the washrooms for those who may need them.  In addition, water bottle filling stations were strategically placed close to the mobile public washrooms where possible.

Shigella Outbreak

The City of Edmonton is extending the operation of the following existing temporary mobile washroom locations beyond October 31, 2022, as part of the efforts to minimize and control the spread of the Shigella outbreak. These locations will remain operational from 8am to 8pm until December 31, 2022: 

  • Kinistinaw Park - 10249 96 Street
  • Bissell Centre East  - 10523 96 Street
    This location will be open 24/7 starting November, 21, 2022
  • Boyle Street Community Services - 10116 105 Avenue
    Includes a mobile shower trailer
  • Butler Park /Jasper Place Transit Center - Stony Plain Road and 157 Street
  • Alberta Avenue Community League - 9210 118 Avenue

New mobile washroom locations that have been added to control the spread of Shigella: 

  • Mustard Seed - 10635 96 Street
    In addition to the mobile washrooms, this location will also provide laundry and shower trailers. This location will be open 24/7 starting November, 21, 2022.
  • 10515 100 Street - Installation in progress