Neighbourhood Structure Plan establishing development framework for 386 hectares of land.

Public Hearing Date

Monday September 17, 2018

The Need for a Neighbourhood Structure Plan

The Decoteau area is one of Edmonton’s Urban Growth Areas. City Council approved the Decoteau Area Structure Plan (ASP) in spring 2015.

The Area Structure Plan outlines land uses and policies for five neighbourhoods. Neighbourhood Structure Plans (NSPs) provide more detailed direction for development.

A group of landowners in the Decoteau North neighbourhood have submitted an NSP. This is a key step in developing this area of the City.

This NSP will establish a development framework for 386 hectares of land. The NSP will include:

  • A range of housing options to accommodate a population of approximately 9,900 people
  • An interconnected network of wetlands and parks, which will be valuable to the north neighbourhood and the broader region
  • Areas for commercial and business employment development

The Decoteau North Area's Unique Landscape

The Decoteau area has a unique landscape of wetlands. The Decoteau North neighbourhood has the largest wetland complex within the City of Edmonton boundaries.

This network of wetlands and natural areas is an important ecological system. This network will also be a recreational feature for southeast Edmonton.

The Decoteau Emerald Crescent Concept map shows the ecological and parks network in the Decoteau ASP area.

What's Included in the Neighbourhood Structure Plan

NSPs describe the general pattern of development for a new residential neighbourhood.

The policies of the NSP guide the next stages of neighbourhood development, including zoning, subdivision, infrastructure design and construction.

The Decoteau North NSP must also address the Designing New Neighbourhoods Outcomes.

The Decoteau North NSP includes the following elements:

  • Design vision and development objectives
  • Type and location of residential, commercial and other land uses
  • Transportation, cycling and pedestrian (active modes) network
  • Size and configuration of parks and natural areas
  • Expected populations and densities
  • Servicing scheme including water, sewer and stormwater management facilities
  • General staging pattern for development

The draft Decoteau North Development Concept Map outlines the general area layout.

The draft Decoteau North NSP Detailed Maps include information about servicing.

The draft Decoteau North Neighbourhood Statistics include population forecasts.

The NSP Preparation, Review and Adoption Process

Reviewing and adopting a new Neighbourhood Structure Plan can take many months. This application will go through the following steps:

  • Submission and initial review - completed
  • Circulation to all review agencies, including:
    • Transportation
    • Drainage
    • Parks and Biodiversity - in progress
  • Open house to gather public input - spring or fall 2017
  • Revisions to the NSP as necessary - ongoing
  • Final circulation to all review agencies - date to be determined
  • Presentation at Council - date to be determined

The NSP Process Chart shows the application process in more detail.   

Information Reviewed by the City as Part of the NSP Application

  • Draft Neighbourhood Structure Plan Document
  • Document explaining how the NSP will achieve the outcomes in the City’s Designing New Neighbourhoods Guidelines
  • Range of technical reports

Refer to the table of stakeholders and table of technical reports for more information about who is involved in NSPs and what technical reports are reviewed.

Public Engagement History

Open House

June 2017

An open house was held at the Ellerslie Campus to learn more about the Decoteau North Neighbourhood Structure Plan. Citizens were able to:

  • Review the neighbourhood planning process and look at the proposed neighbourhood concept 
  • Talk to City staff about the concept plan and the technical information that informs the plan
  • Ask the applicant questions about the plan
  • Provide feedback to be summarized and provided to City Council for their consideration 

A new neighbourhood is being planned in southeast Edmonton. The Decoteau North neighbourhood covers the northern part of the Decoteau Area Structure Plan.

View the Decoteau North Neighbourhood in context with surrounding neighbourhoods.