The 4 working groups have been established out of the priorities identified by the community:

  • Safe Neighbourhood
  • Celebrate / Promote Neighbourhood
  • Building the Neighbourhood
  • Sustainable Housing and Services

The working groups participate in community meetings and discuss the details of how to achieve the community goals. Members are looking at the broad concepts that the community provided, and are working on the specific actions that will be needed. What tangible improvements are important? How will these be achieved?

2010 Projects

Interested in working on a rewarding project that will benefit your community? Call Jane Molstad at 780-496-6887 for details.

Safe Neighbourhood

  • Block by Block Plan
  • Trees Please

Celebrate / Promote Neighbourhood

  • East Meets West festival
  • Go Green Go

Building the Neighbourhood

  • Multicultural Hub
  • 107A Ave and McCauley Eco/Enviro Learning Area (McCauley School)

Sustainable Housing and Services

  • Artists Village
  • Incentives for businesses