Proposed Neighbourhood Structure Plan establishing a development framework for 250 hectares of land.

Draft Plan Overview

The City of Edmonton has received a draft plan for a new neighbourhood structure plan, currently referred to as Mattson. This neighbourhood is located in southeast Edmonton, east of 66 Street SW and south of 25 Avenue SW.

Neighbourhood Structure Plans (NSPs) describe the general pattern of development for new neighbourhoods. The policies of the NSP guide the next stages of development, including zoning, subdivision, infrastructure design and construction.  

The proposed Mattson NSP outlines:

  • The location, configuration and area of various land uses including residential, commercial, parks and open spaces, and public utility land uses
  • The anticipated density of residential development
  • The pattern and alignment of the arterial and collector roadways and pedestrian walkway systems
  • The required utility infrastructure concept
  • The implementation and phasing of development

The draft Mattson Development Concept Map outlines the general layout of proposed land uses for the plan area.

The draft Mattson NSP Detailed Figures include information about servicing.

The draft Mattson NSP Neighbourhood Statistics includes land uses and planned population for the area.