Vision and Key Features

The Heritage Valley Town Centre covers approximately 116 hectares (286.6 acres) of land located south of the Rutherford neighbourhood.

The vision for the neighbourhood is a pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented and urbanized Town Centre that will be the social and economic heart of the Heritage Valley area.

The key features of the Town Centre include:

  • Transit-oriented development characterized by pedestrian-friendly streets, mix of uses (commercial, office & residential), and higher residential densities.
  • Carefully integrated Light Rail Transit (LRT) station located at the heart of the community.
  • Compact Town Centre, with a strong pattern of landscaped streets, quality buildings and well-designed public spaces.
  • A vibrant Main Street with a variety of small shops, and a District Activity Park which plans to accommodate the development of two high schools and a recreation centre.
  • Strong connection with surrounding areas by well-designed streets, pedestrian walkways, open spaces, transit, and the placement of appropriate land uses.

Town Centre Special Area Zoning

Special Area Zoning is proposed for specific parcels within the Heritage Valley Town Centre (i.e. mixed uses near the LRT Station). Special Area Zoning helps the City regulate the use, design and extent of development within specific geographic areas of the city. Applying this zoning enables those neighbourhoods with special or unique attributes to achieve the planning objectives of their Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan.

The next step in the planning process is to rezone lands in the Town Centre.

Some unique land use designations:

Town Centre Commercial

  • Pedestrian-friendly, commercial development
  • Mix of retail, office, entertainment, cultural and institutional uses

Main Street Retail

  • High-quality and pedestrian-friendly Main Street development
  • Retail service area, with the potential for office and residential uses

Mixed Use LRT (1 and 2)

  • Transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly development with higher density and a mix of uses (residential, commercial and office) immediately adjacent to the LRT station (LRT 1) and within 400 m of the station (LRT 2)

Timeline For Development

Development of the Town Centre will proceed as servicing is extended along James Mowatt Trail. Construction of services is expected to start in 2011, and full build-out will depend on market conditions.