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A Long-term Environmental Commitment

Blatchford's commitment to responsible environmental development began long before deconstruction work started on the site. Since 1985, extensive testing has occurred at the site to identify any areas of contamination. With 30 years of data available, the City is well positioned to successfully remediate any areas of concern. 

Working with private consultants, the City has completed a thorough environmental assessment of the land including a historical review, site testing and soil sampling.

As we move forward with developing the site, the City recognizes the responsibility to manage any potential environmental risks to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

Environmental Remediation Update- December 2015

In November 2013, the City retained Golder Associates Ltd. to complete a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for the entire site.

The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment identified 15 building locations on the site that will need additional pre-demolition or post-demolition investigation.

The environmental concerns associated with these buildings generally relates to the historic use of the buildings and the past storage of waste liquids. It is anticipated that remediation will need to take place below certain buildings. The Environmental Site Assessment has shown no contamination in the center of the site.

Areas of potential environmental concern within the site were investigated further though Phase II testing. Golder Associates has provided a summary report of their findings for the Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment and a map identifying the buildings of concern.  

Summary Results - Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Remediation

Phase Number of former building sites Tonnes of soil removed Cost Budget
Phase 1 (released May 2015) 3 3,253 $292,738 $1,000,000
Phase 2 (released December 2015) 5 21,095 $1,328,985 $2,500,000
Total 8
(Anticipated that 15 sites total will require remediation)
24,348 $1,621,713 $3,500,000

The investigation and remediation process will be ongoing to ensure the site meets all provincial environmental standards. The Blatchford Redevelopment office is committed to ensuring that all environmental concerns are addressed as the project moves forward.

Site Investigation and Remediation Background

Environmental site investigation and remediation involves identifying and removing potentially hazardous contaminants from the soil and water.

Developing an effective remediation strategy requires reviewing many factors including the historical use of the land, the geology of the site (type of soil), the chemistry of any contaminants and the intended future use. 

The process for site testing and remediation includes:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA): Historical Review. The purpose of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is to review historical and current uses of the site and surrounding properties to determine areas of potential environmental concern. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment has been completed for the entire Blatchford site. 

Phase II ESA:  Site Drilling and Testing/Delineation. Any areas of potential environmental concern that were identified in Phase I are tested further by drilling boreholes to obtain soil and water samples. If contamination is found in the samples, the site is delineated (additional holes are dug to determine the exact area and depth of contamination). Since 1985, over 185 boreholes have been drilled at the site. 

In 2010, a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment of the east half of the site showed limited contamination in that area. The Phase II report did not identify any contamination within the centre of the site. Additional Phase II testing will take place as buildings are removed and development of the site progresses.

Phase III ESA: Remediation Work. Based on the findings of the Phase II Environment Site Assessment, all contaminated locations will be remediated to meet provincial environmental health and safety standards. 

Different areas of the site will be in various phases of remediation during the Blatchford redevelopment process. 


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