Volunteers leading an activity with children

In order for volunteers to be safe and successful in their new volunteer position, Volunteer Services has outlined the following minimum requirements of all volunteers:

  • Have an active www.myvolunteerpage.com account
  • Attend a position-specific Volunteer Orientation Session
  • Sign and follow the Volunteer Agreement (provided to you at the orientation session)
  • Review your position description and hazard assessment (provided to you at the orientation session)
  • Successfully complete all required screening. Please see “Information on Volunteer Screening Practices” for more details.
  • Attend all mandatory training sessions specific to your volunteer position
  • Record your volunteer hours in your profile

Please note that all volunteer positions have a three (3) month probationary period and many volunteer positions have minimum and maximum terms.

What to Expect

Position Description

Your volunteer position description will describe the qualifications and duties to be carried out at the event or program you work with (within Community Facility Services.) Most positions are posted on your profile.


You will be given an orientation to the City of Edmonton Attractions at a position-specific Volunteer Orientation. In addition, you will be provided with an orientation to your facility when you start volunteering. When you sign up, you will receive an email about the next orientation.


Training will be provided so you can be successful in your volunteer role. The degree and extent of training varies based on your position. Training requirements are detailed in your position description.


There will be a clearly defined supervisor or coordinator for the program or event to go to for support and direction on the event day.

Recording Hours

You must sign in at the beginning of your shift and sign out at the end. Following the completion of a shift, it is the responsibility of the volunteer to log their hours in their profile. Logging your hours ensures you are part of our recognition program.


You are entitled to breaks while volunteering:

  • 4 hour shift - one 15 minute break
  • 6 hour shift - one 15 minute break and 30 minute meal break


The City of Edmonton acknowledges the contribution volunteers make in contributing to a“Vibrant Edmonton.” Volunteers will receive recognition throughout the year from their supervisors and be part of the branch-wide recognition program, which will be discussed at the time of orientation. Volunteers can also request a certificate of hours or a reference letter at any time.