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The Benchmark program offers individuals and groups the opportunity to honor loved ones or celebrate special events by installing a new bench or refurbishing an existing bench.

What changes or updates have been made to the Benchmark program?

In order to ensure the Benchmark program can continue on a cost recovery basis, changes to pricing and a 10-year contract are required for all former and new program participants.

The Benchmark program offers individuals and groups the opportunity to honour loved ones or celebrate special events by installing a new bench or refurbishing an existing bench.
Why is the Benchmark program being updated?

The program is being updated to standardize commemorative programs across the City. As the program grows in popularity, the 10-year contract enables future donors to have an opportunity to display their loved one’s plaque in an area that may be near or at capacity.

The price change is a result of a comprehensive cost analysis of the program which revealed great disparity between each bench option. By aligning the price to true cost, each donor is guaranteed the same level of craftsmanship and can expect equal opportunities for professional upkeep of the bench.
I am currently a bench holder. How will these changes affect me?
If you have already purchased a bench through the Benchmark program, you will not be charged more money. Each current bench holder will have the opportunity to renew for an additional 10 years once their bench contract expires. For past Benchmark donors, the contract expiration is listed in question 5. If you are a current bench holder and decide not to renew the contract, the bench becomes open for new donors.
How do I renew my contract after 10 years?
It’s your responsibility to contact the City of Edmonton by emailing the Benchmark Coordinator before the contract expires. In order to renew the contract, you will need to pay an additional fee. If you do not wish to renew the contract, the commemorative plaque will be returned to you and the bench will become available for new donors.
If I have an existing bench, when will my contract expire?

Previous Benchmark donors will need to contact the Benchmark Coordinator in order to renew their bench. See specific timelines below:

Year of Installation  Year of Expiration 
1995-1998 2017
1999-2001  2018 
2002-2004  2019 
2005-2007   2020 
2008-2010   2021 
2011-2013   2024 
2014-2016   2026 


If I began the process with the Benchmark Coordinator prior to these changes, will I have to pay the new price?

 No. If you submitted an application prior to the program change, you will not be affected by the price increase and the Coordinator will honour the previously posted prices for those requests.

Will these changes be reflected in the Commemorative Tree program and Legacy Program as well?

 No. The Benchmark program runs independently from other commemorative programs. 

For more information on the Commemorative Tree Program, please visit:  For additional information about the Legacy Program, please visit: 

How long does it take for a Benchmark request to be installed?

 Each request is unique and installation times may vary. Requests for new benches will require more time to process to allow for proper parkland change processes and public consultation when necessary. 

Applications received before June 30 of each year will be completed by the end of the same calendar year. Any applications received after June 30 may not be installed until the next year. Installations occur between May and October of each year and benches are installed in the order the requests are received.

What is included in the cost of my Benchmark donation and is there GST?
For new bench installations, the cost includes a brand new bench, concrete pad and individualized plaque, as well as all related maintenance over a 10-year period.

For existing bench refurbishments, the cost includes a complete rebuild of the bench and individualized plaque as well as all related maintenance over a 10-year period. Prices quoted online are the full cost. There is no GST for Benchmark donations.
How are Benchmark locations chosen?

Donors may request an area for a new bench to be installed. The City then consults with planners and operations staff to find a suitable location within your requested area. If the location is near residential neighbourhoods, public consultation will be conducted and must receive 66 % approval to proceed. 

Some parks and green spaces that contain a high number of commemorative benches will not be eligible for additional commemorative benches to be installed. 

The parks/green spaces that are not eligible for additional commemorative benches include:

  • Ada Boulevard
  • Alex Decoteau Park
  • Beaumaris Lake
  • Buena Vista / Sir Wilfred Laurier Park
  • Callingwood Park
  • Capilano Crescent
  • Churchill Square and Downtown Core
  • Constable Ezio Faraone Park
  • Dawson Park
  • Emily Murphy Park
  • Gallagher Park
  • Glengarry Park
  • Grads Park
  • Grant Notley Park
  • Hawrelak Park
  • Kinnaird Park
  • Light Horse Park
  • MacKinnon Ravine
  • Muttart Conservatory Grounds
  • Oleskiw River Valley Park
  • Paul Kane Park
  • Queen Elizabeth Park
  • Rundle Park
  • Strathearn Crescent
  • Victoria Promenade
  • Wellington Crescent
  • Whyte Avenue 
  • Wilbert McIntyre Park
  • Valleyview Drive

Benches may only be installed on City parkland. Some parks are already at capacity for development. To explore bench location options with a Benchmark Coordinator, email

How long will my plaque be displayed on a bench?
All Benchmark donors sign a 10-year Commemorative Display contract. During the contract term, the City is responsible for regular maintenance of the bench and plaque.
Will I receive a receipt for my Benchmark donation?
Yes. Each benchmark donation is tax deductible and donors will be issued a tax receipt. Please ensure you have included the relevant tax information on your donation request form at the time of application.

For More Information

City of Edmonton Benchmark Program

Westwood Site
City of Edmonton
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Edmonton AB T5G 2S7

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Fax 780-496-4978

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