The City of Edmonton maintains roads and approximately 5,000 km of sidewalks to ensure accessibility and safety.

About the Service

Edmonton has an extensive network of sidewalks, including many that are connected to curb ramps, stairs, over/underpasses and crosswalks to help improve accessibility and safety for pedestrians. Edmonton's road maintenance is always a high priority for the City in order to ensure safe and accessible driving conditions.

How Do I Obtain the Service?

Report a Sidewalk or Road Concern

To help us identify road or sidewalk concerns use our self-service reporting tool. 

Also to help speed up the response time and provide further details about the issue and location of the concern, you may attach a photo to the request.

Report a Sidewalk Concern

Report a Road Maintenance Concern

What the City does with your request

If you report a sidewalk or road repair your concern is sent for assessment and scheduled for repair if required.